Step into The Patisserie Box and indulge in our exquisite creations. Our team of talented pâtissiers takes immense pride in curating the most impeccable ingredients, guaranteeing that every bite is a work of art. Allow us to handle the details while you savor the delightful outcome.

Introducing Xavier Pelloux

Our exceptional head pastry chef and director belongs to a fresh wave of culinary artists, driven by an unwavering passion for reinventing the world of patisserie.

Xavier embarked on his journey at a tender age of 14, as an apprentice at a local bakery/pastry shop near his family’s residence in France.

By the time he turned 18, Xavier had already amassed an impressive array of qualifications, prompting him to venture beyond his Swiss homeland and explore the globe.

He honed his skills at renowned establishments in France, New York, and eventually settled in the UK. His illustrious career includes stints at Maison Blanc, The Ivy, The Hilton in Park Lane, and even Harrods, where he crossed paths with his beloved wife, Bee, while working side by side in the pastry kitchen.

After settling down in the picturesque Cotswolds with his family in 2005, he finally felt ready to unleash his culinary prowess and establish his very own wholesale patisserie venture, “The Patisserie Box.” Since then, his kitchens have flourished, attracting a loyal customer base spanning the entire country.

Xavier’s fervor for the pastry industry is palpable as he shares his thoughts:

“For far too long, desserts have been stuck in a monotonous cycle. Thankfully, visionary pastry chefs like Pierre Herme, Adriano Zumbo, Stephane Glacier, and Antonio Bachour have injected a much-needed burst of innovation into the field, inspiring the rest of us to push boundaries. Crafting pastries and desserts is an intricate blend of science and art, demanding precision, technical finesse, and a deep understanding of the culinary sciences. Being a pastry chef isn’t just a profession; it’s a profound passion, a way of life. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have learned from some of the world’s most gifted pastry chefs, and now, I have the privilege of applying that knowledge and expertise to my own business.”