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Taking a new twist on some old classics throw to cutting edge in the world of pastry.

These striking desserts will make your patisserie counter stand out from the crowd.

Not all products contain nuts but are made in a nut environment so may have traces of nuts.

Strawberry Mousse

Product code: S1

Our signature strawberry mousse is a real eye catcher! Wrapped in our striking red dotted sponge, always a best seller!

(Box 24)

Exotic Mango Mousse

Product code: S2

This blend of mango mousse and almond sponge is sweet harmony!

(Box 24)

Lemon Cheesecake

Product code: S3

This stunning dome cheesecake has a cheeky hidden lemon insert with a stunning yellow velvet finish!

(Box 24)

Raspberry Cheesecake

Product code: S4

This stunning dome cheesecake has a tangy hidden raspberry insert with a stunning red velvet finish!

(Box 24)

Chocolate Craquant

Product code: S5

This one is not just for chocolate lovers with its crunchy praline craquant base topped with an amazing light chocolate mousse, its one not to be missed! One of our best sellers!

(Box 24)

Coconut Mousse

Product code: S6

We have a definitive blend of coconut & chocolate in this dessert and it would give any bounty a run for it’s money!

(Box 24)


Product code: S10

A revamped version of a retro classic, chic chocolate cherry and cream combo.

(Box 32)

Pistachio Opera

Product code: S11

A great twist on the French classic, layers of moist almond sponge, chocolate ganache and our signature pistachio buttercream.

(Box 32)

Rosewater Opera

Product code: S12

For the Turkish delight lovers, another great twist on the French classic, layers of moist almond sponge, chocolate ganache and our signature rosewater buttercream.
(Box 32)

French Opera

Product code: S13

Our French Opera is just how it would be in France, with layers of coffee soaked almond sponge, chocolate ganache and our signature coffee butter cream true perfection. A best seller!

(Box 32)

Italian Tiramisu

Product code: S14

This remarkably light dessert with a mascarpone mousse works delightfully well with the espresso coffee flavour. A best seller!

(Box 32)

Chocolate Cherry Log

Product code: S15

Indulgent Morello cherries wrapped in a light chocolate cherry mousse, simply heavenly!

(Box 32)

Apple Cinnamon Cheesecake log

Product code: S16

An unmistakable blend of cinnamon & apple, encased in vanilla cheesecake.

(Box 32)

Tropical Cheesecake

Product code: S17

This fusion of mango & pineapple perfectly accompaniments the almond sponge and cheesecake in this dessert. A best seller!

(Box 32)

Mont Blanc

Product code: S18

Another classic French dessert this blend of vanilla and chestnut is timeless and works for all occasions.

(Box 32)

Pear & Chocolate Terrine

Product code: T1

Our amazing sweet pear mousse with creamy milk chocolate insert is so full of flavour and it just melts in your mouth.
Box of 32

Orange & Chocolate Terrine

Product code: T2

A tangy orange mousse with a rich dark chocolate insert even Terry would be jealous of this on!
Box of 32

Raspberry and Vanilla Slice

Product code: S19

You can’t go wrong with this layered chocolate, vanilla and raspberry dessert. The sharp raspberry flavour cuts the sweetness to leave you feeling refreshed.

(Box 32)